Energy and Ecology

This is the most complex and most rewarding missionUrbnix as a global company. Joining companies and global solutions for improving relations between urban society and the environment ecologically and sustainable models.
For this, theUrbnix
established relationships with inventors, investors and great professionals who have accepted the challenge of making the world a better place to live.
Divided into two areas
Urbnix features:

Contingency Solutions


a) For local governments and systems [smooth the available energy resources and critical analysis of its use. Performed by the most respected professionals and NGOs. In recognition of his contributions to society endorsed by the IDB, ANAS and IBGS.

b) for municipalities and governments.
System of carbon credit recovery and cost reduction in municipal and state energy through more efficient measurement systems and smart planning consumption.


Deployment Solutions

a) For local governments and governments
herbal deploymentEolica, Solar and mixed for clean and renewable energy production without environmental impact. Always in partnership with the private sector and with 
international reputation for technical provision and transfer of technology to investors and state.