Cost savings with street lighting. Auditing and measuring electrical consumption and deployment of clean energy generating plant ...

A new partnership is born at Urbnix. Casa do Brasil, an NGO that operates in several countries now responsible for URBNIX's international migration process.

Systems Center. Developing solutions in software and hardware with desenvolmimento 24/7 operations. Research, procurement and equipment production line deployment ...

IDC - International Digital Certification

Technology, science and innovation are the propulsive springs of ideas and projects that only come to life when professionals are able to combine technique, experience and daring. Consulting professionals should be like this. Must have the technical knowledge under a great layer of experience and daring to propose paths and scenarios that will lead the new projects and achievements to a level of success that sustain corporations, societies, market and families. Urbnix is ​​like this. Technique, smart and bold, as it should be. Respecting the limits of our clients we work so that companies and professionals reach places and objectives that they aim for.