The best tracking and tracing equipment

How to choose the best tracker or better equipment for integration with the legacy system?
What features are really important in light of my country, my geographical, amount of
sunlight,shadows and satellite IP network?
What kind of equipment is more adherent to my business model and how it changes the structure of my logistics operation costs?
Whatis the immediate cost and long-term proper hardware in relation to current option?
TheUrbnix is the company that can help you to have all these answers. With market share projects and engineering logistics to transport more than 10 years building solutions. With relationships with the largest and most efficient in europe and asia factories.


Cameras for vehicles with active and passive transmission

Trackers OBD socket

Fuel tank sensors with GPRS transmission and GSM

Trackers Portable

Trackers Fixed with multiple serial

Sensors of all kinds and models

Trackers for Seniors (3a. Age) with fall sensors

Custom and technical specifications customizable