Software Factory 24/7/365

Offshore Systems Development
Urbnix manages and applies projects
for offshore development obeying
the latest policy
management, control
development and systems analysis.
Relying on modern techniques
Mapping, development and
implementation of enterprise applications.
Integrating hundreds / thousands
co-related and unique requirements.
This from years of experience in
management of custom development.
Using Scenarios and Applications Model
We ensure oriented development
business, mission critical, focused
Data for easy use and easy to

manage corporately.
We propose continued services
believe in developing solutions
to monitor the progress of cases
according to market behavior, keeping
customers' business goals
line live market demands.
All this within shorter deadlines and
ideal budget.

The Key to Our Success:
a) Speed and availability of services to accelerate time-to-market.
b) Easy integration with other enterprise applications.
c) Facilitate data management and centralized maintenance.
d) Focus on excellence to exceed customer expectations.
e) Easy to use, effective and engaging UI design.
f) planning and architecture practices with simple and structured codes offering continuous operation and orderly implementation.