Cost savings with street lighting. Auditing and measuring electrical consumption and deployment of clean energy generating plant ...

Design and telephony infrastructure deployment and wireless data network.

Systems Center. Developing solutions in software and hardware with desenvolmimento 24/7 operations. Research, procurement and equipment production line deployment ....

Technology applied to urban life

Technology is part of life of all people. Since the indigenous tribes to the metropolises all use technology to generate comfort, economy, growth, health, social and human development.
While society treats technology as a means of Urbnix we look to technology as a tool and to our work. With over 10 years in the Brazilian market, developing business models and technologies that are converted into facilities and rationalization for industry, trade and services, now Urbnix want to go beyond.
With professionals, entrepreneurs, investors and young talent associates, Urbnix reinventing business models, rewrites technical solutions and develops research for more efficient products and services.

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